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Coronavirus Information and Advice


Many of our patients are becoming increasingly concerned about the coronavirus outbreak that originated in Wuhan City. The situation is constantly changing although the level of risk to most of us in the UK remains moderate at present. The recommendation of Public Health England is that if you have returned from any of the affected… read more

Preventive Health Screens


We encourage our patients to keep healthy and health screening is an important way to detect disease early in individuals that can lead to earlier diagnosis and help you to continue to lead healthy, happier lives. We offer different levels of state of the art comprehensive of health screening that can be tailored to suit… read more

Stress Management and Resiliency Training


Developed by Harvard’s Benson-Henry Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital, this program will be run by Dr Safia Debar who gained her certification at Harvard Medical School during her sabbatical. This 6 week course delivers the latest research findings on stress and evidence based strategies for stress management and resiliency training. We will cover various aspects… read more

Physiotherapy for skiing and knee injuries


Ski season has arrived and many of us may be preparing to hit the slopes in the coming weeks. Skiing is an exhilarating sport enjoyed by thousands over the winter months. There are obvious health benefits from such physical activity. However, as with any sport there is an associated risk of injury. The good news… read more