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ADHD Clinic

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common childhood neurodevelopmental condition that often persists into adolescence and adulthood. Undiagnosed or poorly treated ADHD can contribute to problems in social, academic and vocational settings throughout life, cause distress to near and dear and impair the quality of life of the affected individual. In the UK, many children and a large number of adults do not receive adequate treatment. Young people often drop out of treatment as a result of the lack of Adult ADHD treatment centres. It is difficult to diagnose ADHD in adulthood, as it may be complicated, and often over shadowed, by other conditions such as depression, anxiety, and substance misuse.

ADHD often runs in families. At least 20% of children with ADHD have parents with ADHD, who often struggle to access treatment, leading to poor outcomes for everyone. ADHD has an impact on everyone in the family, whether it affects children or adults or both. Adults with ADHD have to organise themselves, family, household, children’s agendas and their own jobs, which is often a herculean task.  Low self-esteem, poor confidence and fear of failure are usually the result, which in turn leads to further severe problems.

ADHD does not mean Medication. Many children and adults do not receive psychological treatments, which are essential in addressing the co-existing conditions such as depression and anxiety, improve the quality of life of people with ADHD and prevent problems such as increased risk for substance misuse.

Our ADHD programme Across the Lifespan is a pioneering service in this country. It offers comprehensive assessment and treatment of ADHD for children, adolescents and adults under the same roof. We have expertise in assessing and treating people of all ages with ADHD using both medication and psychological therapies. This would be a programme where you and your children can receive treatment as a family and, with your consent, we shall actively liaise with all the key people involved in your life or your child’s life such as school, university or workplace to provide a truly systemic service. It would be a place where you can easily return to in case you choose to have a break from treatment and return at a later date or in need of adjustment of treatment throughout your life. We believe that everyone is unique in terms of how ADHD affects their lives and which conditions co-exist and you will be offered packages of care tailor-made to suit your needs.

Last but not least, we believe that ADHD is not a disorder of gloom and doom.  People with ADHD often have unique skills and abilities and if carefully nurtured their potential is limitless. Our treatment approach is aimed at discovering and celebrating the unique skills and resources of people with ADHD and empowering them to deal with the difficulties in their life through a process of appreciation, validation and ongoing support.

Management of ADHD: Key elements include

  • Thorough multi-disciplinary assessment using internationally validated screening and assessment tools
  • Additional Psychometric assessments – e.g. IQ, Dyslexia
  • Psycho-education about the condition for the child and family
  • Holistic management of life style, dietary advice, exercise, sleep
  • Mindfulness (group-based and individual)
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy (group-based and individual)
  • Family/systemic therapy
  • Parent and adolescent negotiation skills
  • Psychological coaching and skill development, including time management and organizational skills to support initiation and concentration
  • Study skills for students of all ages
  • Medication evaluation and carefully crafted medication management to get the best outcomes.

If you feel that you or a loved one is struggling with symptoms of ADHD, (such as difficulties in sustaining attention, impulsivity or hyperactivity /restlessness, disorganisation, frequent mood swings) and if you think that they are unable to fulfil their full potential, please call the clinic at 020 8962 0635 or email to to request an intake packet and get started on the road to recovery.  We normally see clients within a week of referral. There is no lengthy wait for an appointment.

Please be advised that the ADHD Clinic has its own terms of business that will be shared with you at the point of making the first appointment.

Dr. Pavlo Kanellakis
Consultant Clinical Psychologist