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Anne Mitchener


Mrs Anne Mitchener qualified from Cambridge medical school in 1986 (New Addenbrookes Hospital and Downing College) and has been a Consultant Neurosurgeon since 2002. Her first two degrees were a BSc in Psychology at University College London (1979) and a PhD undertaken at The Institute of Psychiatry, also University of London ( 1983).

Between 2002 and 2006 she worked in Norway and then returned to Britain working in London as an NHS Consultant until 2009. Thereafter she has practised independently at:
The London Clinic since 2009
Ashtead Hospital Surrey since 2008
Prime Health Ltd Weybridge Surrey since 2012

Mrs Mitchener’s neurosurgical interests are: Spine, including new and minimally invasive techniques with and without instrumentation and spinal injections.

Recently she trained formally as an executive coach. She offers therefore sessions in this as well and a brief outline of the purpose of this work follows:

“We are all familiar with sports coaches, Ivan Lendl, Eddie Jones and so on. However they are not coaching sportsmen how to hit or handle a ball. Rather they are helping them strategically to maximise their performance, to achieve the desired result. The role of an executive coach is the same. This is achieved by focussing on positive skills, identifying desired goals and the steps to achieve this. Managing the challenges to help people excel in their work.

Coaching is neither counselling nor therapy. Coaching focusses on future performance, it works with positives skills and does not seek to explore the past or rectify behaviour. Coaching can be resilience training for those at the peak of their profession and needing to maintain that level. Federer still has a coach, CEOs of companies frequently have regular coaching. Alternatively coaching can be to identify and help embark in a new direction or deal with challenges in an existing role.