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David O’Neil
MManipTher (Curtin), BSc(Hons) (Brighton) HCPC MCSP


David O’Neil qualified as a physiotherapist in 2000 and has a wealth of experience working in a variety of clinical settings including the public, private and elite sports sectors. His career started in Bromley Hospitals NHS trust where he specialised in musculoskeletal, orthopaedic and sports physiotherapy rehabilitating complex spinal, shoulder and lower limb conditions. During this period he gained expertise treating both acute and chronic injuries along with a variety of post-surgical patients. In 2005 David moved into the private clinical sector, alongside working with Ipswich Town Football Academy.

In 2008 David then ventured Down Under to complete a Masters at Curtin University in Perth. It was here he gained extensive knowledge in the management of persistent / chronic musculoskeletal pain, and developed a particular interest in spinal, shoulder and lower limb conditions.  During this time David published research investigating the links between posture and back pain. This has informed his highly effective holistic approach to the management of persistent back pain, taking into consideration all factors that may contribute to a patient’s symptoms. This includes not only the physical aspect of how an individual may move, but also their lifestyle, their beliefs about back pain, and their behavioural changes in response to pain. David is very passionate about this 360 degree approach to pain management and has seen it achieve some truly wonderful successes for his patients. David’s research has also allowed him develop a high level of skill in ergonomic assessment, whether it be in an office setting, a manual job, playing sport, keeping fit or activities around the home, he is  able to advise, coach or rehabilitate as appropriate.  If requested a work place based assessment can be completed.

David has strong links with many of the top consultants in the area receiving referrals for a variety of injuries, including fractures and post-surgical problems, particularly, but not exclusively relating to foot & ankle, knee, shoulder and spinal complaints. If you have questions about a particular complaint, please do not hesitate to contact him to discuss your issue.

Outside of work David likes to keep active! You may see him cycling around Portobello on his commute from Richmond or find him out in the Surrey hills at the weekends on a long bike ride. He recently completed a triathlon in Hyde park – and yes, the Serpentine is cold in May! He is a rugby enthusiast and enjoys training with his local team and playing touch when he can.  David has a 16 month old daughter and she takes up any remaining free time he might have!

Whilst most physiotherapy sessions will take place at the Portobello Clinic, David can offer home visits should this be more convenient to you. We appreciate the many time constraints placed upon our patients, and so urge you to speak to David should you wish to arrange physiotherapy on a weekday evening or early morning. Our guiding principles of flexibility, professionalism and attention to detail mean that we will endeavour to give you as much time as you need, as often as you need.

Initial physiotherapy consultations will run for one hour, with follow-up sessions at forty-five minutes. You do not have to be referred to David by one of our GPs, you can simply arrange an appointment over the phone or in person by speaking with one of our receptionists.