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Stress Clinic

Stress and anxiety are a normal response to everyday demands and life events. Anxiety can often be about the future and how you think you may cope, or not, the phrase, what if, is often what keeps it going, and along with the physical symptoms it can sometimes lead to putting things off or avoiding situations, procrastinating, it can make you feel like a problem avoider not a problem solver. However when stress or anxiety go on for longer periods it can lead to a range of problems such as sleep issues, not being to get off or feeling tired all the time, decision making and getting things done can become more difficult, alcohol use.

Stress resilience work can help people to develop more effective coping skills, time management and avoiding procrastinating, realistic goal setting and tackling having to have a perfect outcome are the foundation to managing stress and anxiety more effectively.

Most of us will be able to deal with life’s ups and downs and low mood and depression is a normal response to loss and disappointment, however when those feelings go on for  too long it can lead to more serious problems, at times people may not realise they are depressed and will try and push on and keep going, often criticising themselves for not coping, however feeling overwhelmed and hopeless a lot of the time, ruminating and not be able to enjoy the  things you did before can lead to problems with other issues like sleep. Your diet, eating more or less than before, and even at times thinking you can’t carry on, are signs that you may need help and support.

Treatments offered

CBT is an evidence based treatment that has been shown to be very effective with supporting people to understand and manage low mood and depression, low self-esteem, as well as problems with dealing with anger and low frustration tolerance.

CBT can show people how the link between what we say to ourselves all day and how we then feel and behave, learning what we can do to break the loop of low mood and anxiety is the start of having a more balanced approach to life.

Paul Russell has been running CBT workshops both within the public and private sector for over 25 years, my approach is a evidence based non didactic model, supporting people to develop the solution focused skills that will help people to develop the resilience and effective coping skills that enable them to make long term changes and make better choices in their life.