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Stress Management and Resiliency Training

Developed by Harvard’s Benson-Henry Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital, this program will be run by Dr Safia Debar who gained her certification at Harvard Medical School during her sabbatical.

This 6 week course delivers the latest research findings on stress and evidence based strategies for stress management and resiliency training.

We will cover various aspects of the neuroscience of stress, understanding brain pathways, cognitive pathways and mainly using various relaxation responses and changing the way we think to improve resiliency, awareness of contributing factors and reduction of anxiety.

The format will be 2 hourly group sessions for 6 consecutive weeks with pre and post workshop consultations to review goals. Previous participants have reported less anxiety, improved relationship dynamics, better understanding of their thought patterns and the neuroscience of wellbeing as well as establishing a regular mindfulness/meditation practice.

Following the popularity of previous courses, Dr Debar will be running three SMART courses in 2020

  • 19 February – 25 March
  • 20 May – 24 June
  • 4 November – 9 December

If interested please enquire early as places are limited. Please contact us on 020 8962 0635 or enquire online.

Led by Dr Safia Debar, Bsc MBBS DCH DRCOG MRCGP DipOccMed MPH

The course includes  a 1:1 consultation with Dr Debar to set personalised goals

Week 1
Review of program, materials and aims
What is happening in my brain? The neuroscience of stress
Just breathe: an introduction to meditation

Week 2
Why can’t I relax? The neuroscience of the relaxation response
Optimising sleep and the body scan

Week 3
Mindful awareness: Who am I? Dissecting my stress response Oxytocin and social support

Week 4
Cognitive reappraisal and coping log part 1 Who is my inner roommate?

Week 5
Coping log part 2: The adaptive perspective
The path to happy encapsulated Guided imagery

Week 6
Loving kindness and my idealised self
Changing your mind about stress
Go with the flow: tips for staying resilient and next steps

Six Week Program
Wednesdays, 6.30 – 8.30pm
The Portobello Clinic
12 Raddington Road
London W10 5TG

Group 1 – 19th Feb- 25th March

Group 2 – 20th May- 24th June

Group 3 – 4th Nov- 9th Dec