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Health Screens, Health Checks and Assessments

Health screening permits early intervention and we encourage full health checks on a regular basis. Unlike many commercial screening organisations, we tailor our examinations according to individual needs and risk factors. We also take time to discuss the results in detail and plan strategies for health improvement.

Annual Health Check

Review of past medical history and current concerns
Medical, family and social (i.e. travel, alcohol, tobacco, sleep patterns etc.

Full physical examination
Eyes, head, ears, nose, throat, mouth, skin, hair, pulse, blood pressure, chest, abdomen, spine, leg and arm reflexes, weight and height

Blood, urine and stool investigations
Tests for anaemia, gout, diabetes, cholesterol, kidney function, liver function, thyroid function, and infection status

Resting ECG test
Check of your heart’s rhythm and electrical activity

Medical advice and referral to a specialist, if need be

Comprehensive Health Screen

  • CT scans including heart calcium score, chest, abdomen, pelvis and colon

Platinum Comprehensive Health Screen

  • CT scans including heart calcium score, coronary angiogram, chest, abdomen, pelvis and colon

Cancer Genetics Screening

Genetic screening service intended for those with or without a family history of cancer; it combines the 30 gene panel associated with 8 common cancers, with specific tests for men (prostate, colorectal, melanoma) and women (breast, colorectal, melanoma).

To book a health screen or discuss any of our services, please call 020 8962 0635 or enquire online.