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Dr Melanie Marks

Dr Melanie Marks is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society and the Health Professions Council.

She has over twenty years extensive experience assessing and treating emotional difficulties such as depression, panic attacks, PTSD, health, social and general anxiety, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, adjustment reactions, grief, pathological jealousy, anger, post-natal depression and dealing with complex personality difficulties.

She works with adults and adolescents as well as with couples. She qualified at the Institute of Psychiatry and Maudsley Hospital and began her career working on the Depression unit at the Maudsley treating patients, lecturing and co-running the Institute of Psychiatry’s Cognitive Therapy course. She has presented at numerous conferences and published in various peer reviewed journals.

She has specialist Cognitive Therapy training which includes a period of time spent at the Centre for Cognitive Therapy in Philadelphia. She has been in private practice for the last twenty years working in her own practice and in a GP practice, and as a Consultant to Occupational Health Schemes to the Civil Service. She is Clinical Supervisor of Imago U.K.

Dr Marks consults at the Portobello Clinic on Monday, she works in Harley Street on Wednesday and Friday.

Dr Ulrike Nau-Debor
MDPsych, BSc in Psychology, Dipl Ing (Architecture), AFBPsS

Ulrike holds a doctorate in Psychotherapeutic and Counselling Psychology. She has worked in the NHS for almost 10 years; in a private hospital and has been in private practice at the Portobello Clinic since 2011. She taught doctoral psychologists in training (NSPC) and supervises clinicians. She is HCPC registered, as well as, an Associate Fellow of the BPS and a member of their psychotherapeutic psychology group. Before she became a psychologist she trained as an architect. Ulrike is originally from Germany but has been living in London since she came here to study psychology.

Ulrike specialises in working with people who experience anxiety problems (e.g. a general sense of constant worries and fears, health anxieties, social anxieties, OCD, trauma), eating disorders and body image dissatisfaction, depression, low self-esteem, bereavement and coping with health issues. A lot of her clients are going through major transitions in their lives and want to find a way of coming out of these experiences with a better sense of their strengths and themselves. The type of person who benefits the most working with Ulrike might still experience some mixed feelings and worries about therapy but nevertheless feels ready enough and wants to engage in therapy enough to make changes. Ulrike’s style is calm, gentle and reflective. Her clients’ ages range from 16 years to well into their seventies.

Ulrike utilises Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that is tailored to her clients’ needs. She values its focus on core beliefs and the acknowledgement that they shape our experiences, lives and self-esteem. From this perspective we have the power to change our lives and our experiences by becoming conscious of our thoughts and beliefs and learning to challenge and transform them.  She also employs mindfulness to teach her clients how to notice their thoughts and feelings without engaging with or judging them to create the space to let them go. Mindfulness similarly helps to build up a closer relationship with our bodies and physical experiences, to be more present and stronger in ourselves. CBT also attends to physical sensations and therefore strengthens the connection between body and mind.

Dr Robin Hart

Having originally taken a degree in music at the Guildhall School of Music, Robin returned to London University and took an MSc degree in Cognitive & Behavioural Psychotherapy and an MA degree in Psychoanalytic, Anthropological and Cultural Studies. He followed this with a Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy and completed his Doctoral research in adapting existing treatment and identifying new treatments for anxiety disorders and depression.

Robin subsequently joined the Forensic Psychology team at HMP Wormwood Scrubs in 1997 working clinically and researching the efficacy of treatment on the prison population. He returned to primary care practice in 2002. He is registered and accredited with the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy, the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy and the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. He has a particular interest in working with a range of anxiety disorders and depression, family and relationship problems.

Robin works with an integrative/eclectic clinical approach.  He also specialises in using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for anxiety and panic attacks, depression, phobias, post-traumatic stress, sleep problems, anger issues and sexual or relationship issues. He supervises fellow clinicians and regularly speaks at international conferences on mental health and the psychology of creativity.

Andrea Furst
Sports & Exercise Psychologist
CPsychol HCPC Registered BASES
BSc GradDipSocSc(Psych) MPsych(Sport & Exercise) PhD

Andrea is a BPS Chartered Psychologist and a HCPC Registered Sport & Exercise Psychologist.  She has extensive experience working in both clinical and applied settings, particularly within sports medicine, sports science, and high performance environments.

Andrea works with performers in a variety of performance domains, particularly sport, performing arts, and high demand careers.  Her work with individuals, teams, and groups follows a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy framework including practical activities from the recent developments in mindfulness and positive psychology.  The key goal is to assist people to be able to perform, particularly under pressure. Given the specific stressors involved in elite performance in any domain, Andrea is extremely interested in assisting high achievers to ‘manage the imbalance’ and tackle issues such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and substance abuse to help them optimise their health and well-being whilst they strive for excellence.

Key areas of expertise:

  • Athletic Performance Enhancement
  • Health & Well-being
  • Corporate Performance Coaching
  • Team & Group Dynamics
  • Injury Rehabilitation